Courses taught :

Phil240 – Political Philosophy 1 (McGill University – Fall 2017)*

*(PHIL 240 Course Syllabus)

As the syllabus shows, I have organized my introduction to political philosophy so as not to limit my teaching to the traditional Western Canon or the great themes of contemporary political philosophy. By providing students with a wide array of questions, issues, approaches and traditions, I sought to showcase how complex and plural political philosophy can be.

This approach, which strives to contextualize contemporary debates and abstract questions among various traditions, is at the core of my pedagogical strategy. I also encourage my student to challenge the authority of the authors studies, as well as my own authority on the interpretation of texts, by cultivating a climate that fosters exchange and critical argumentation.

In addition to general and advanced courses in political philosophy, I have the necessary experience to teach general course in philosophy of law and ethics.