My research follows two lines of inquiry: (1) What is vulnerability and how should we use this concept in normative and applied political theory? (2) What is the point of multicultural policies and who should count as a subject of multiculturalism? Each research question relates to a rather circumscribed debate in contemporary political philosophy, but my goal is to treat them together. This means that the conceptual and normative insights developed in my research on vulnerability feed into the normative and political commitments defended in my research on multiculturalism, and vice versa.

In both domains, I strive to approach complex political questions with the rigor of analytic philosophy and inform my philosophical inquiries with the empirical work of social scientists and legal theorists. For example, I rely on the work of social psychologists, political scientists and socio-linguists to develop my theory of multiculturalism. I also rely on my own conceptual and metaphysical analysis to determine how legal theory and bioethics should operationalize the concept of vulnerability. Hence, my work can be characterized as an effort in interdisciplinarity.